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Amnesia Haze Feminised seeds

Amnesia Haze Feminised seeds
Amnesia Haze Feminised seeds
Sort: Amnesia Haze Feminised
THC: 22%
Height: 140 cm
Output: 800 g
Flowering time: 10-11 weeks
Availability: In Stock

Price: $4.00
Qty: +  
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The main characteristics of cannabis Amnesia Haze Fem:

Cannabis Amnesia Haze Fem is a descendant of the genetic line of Haze. This is predominantly a Sativa plant, with only 30 percent Indica. Therefore, when growing Amnesia Haze, be prepared for the large size of your plant. You can grow the variety in a room, a greenhouse or on the street. However, this marijuana loves the warm southern climate, which will need to be taken into account when growing.
In Indore bushes do not exceed one and a half meters, but on the street Amnesia will grow over two meters. Of course, the yield from such a bush will be huge. From a square meter you can collect almost a kilogram of fragrant inflorescences.

Features of Amnesia Haze Fem:

Growing such hemp, it is necessary to put some effort. First of all, remember that the strain is sensitive to mold. So do not overflow the bushes. Amnesia Haze Fem is a thermophilic plant, and it can be planted outside in warm climatic zones.
It is excellent for growing with SoG and SCRoG methods.
The flowering period of the variety takes 11-12 weeks. During this time, the inflorescence acquires a rich citrus aroma of lemon and lime, which is clearly felt during smoking.

Advantages of Cannabis Amnesia Haze Fem:

  • High yield;
  • Suitable for growing SoG and SCRoG;
  • Suitable for cultivation in soil and hydroponics;
  • Positive effect on the mind, flavored with citrus notes;
  • High medical qualities - an excellent antidepressant, anesthetic.
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