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You can buy or order regular seeds of hemp cash on delivery here

8 Miles High
THC: 15-20% Height: 100-120 cm. Output: 350-500 gr. Flowering time: 80-90 days
This grade refers to the active type (80% Sativa, 20% Indica) and has a strong invigorating effec..
Based on 3 reviews.
THC: 18-24% Height: low Output: 350-450 g Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
General characteristics of varieties Bubblelicious: A descendant of Bubblegum, Big Bud and Sk..
Based on 2 reviews.
Colombian Gold
THC: 19% Height: 200 Output: 600 g Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
Colombian Gold (Colombian Gold). It is a good conductor of seeds, giving their fans the opportuni..
Based on 4 reviews.
Early Skunk
THC: 18% Height: 200-300 Output: 400-550 g Flowering time: 7 weeks
As a result of the genetic crossing Skunk # 1 and Early Pearl has been stabilized resistant hybri..
Based on 4 reviews.
Fast Bud
THC: 16% Height: 75 cm. Output: 150 gr. Flowering time: 45-50 days.
Buy cannabis seeds Fast Bud: Compact, hardy plant that is so like a commercial konoplevy for ..
THC: 20% Height: 40-120cm Output: 30 - 150 gr Flowering time: 10 weeks
This variety is a potent (18% THC) is the brainchild of yielding winners as Afghani and NL. 70% I..
Based on 1 reviews.
You can buy or order regular seeds of hemp cash on delivery here

In this section of the website you can purchase regular seeds of hemp.

What is regular seeds

These are seeds that may produce both male and female plants. Correlation of hemp bushes is 50/50. But it is possible that percentage of female plants will be higher, for example 70%. Regular seeds are often used for creating new breeds of marijuana (hybrids). But if you want to receive only female plants order feminized seeds at Our shop.

Difference between male and female plants of hemp.

 In order to tell male hemp bushes from female ones turn your attention to the fact that in white fuzzes don't stick out in male flowers but form flocks of green spheres with pollen. And as for female plants they can be distinguished already during the 2nd or the 3rd week of growing.  On their main stem under branches pre-blossoms appear. They look like a green pouch with two white fuzzes.

How can hemp gender be influenced

There are many factors that influence gender identity of hemp bushes. For example high humidity promotes female flowers. But the level of humidity shouldn't be excessive otherwise root of sprout plants may rot. Low temperature and fewer hours of lights also provide a better chance for female plants.

Buy hemp seeds by post.

Our shop presents a big choice of hemp seeds. Here you can order seeds with delivery to any part of the world. Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan etc.

Belarus (for this country there is no warranty of money return as far as goods are sent in form of an ordinary letter because of strict Belarussian laws).

 Cash on delivery purchase of hemp seeds can be performed just on the territory of Ukraine.  

Сорта конопли Фотопериодичные семена Регулярні насіння конопель, післяплатою, купити можна тут You can buy or order regular seeds of hemp cash on delivery here Semillas regulares de cannabis, contra reembolso, compra u orden Reguliere cannabis zaden, contant bij levering, kopen of bestellen Semi di canapa regolari, in contanti alla consegna, comprare o ordinare Regulerní semena konopí Graines de cannabis régulières, en espèces à la livraison, achat ou d'une ordonnance Regelmäßige Cannabis-Samen, Nachnahme, kaufen oder bestellen Sie hier Teslimatta Regular kenevir tohumu, nakit, satın almak ya da burada sipariş

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