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Autoflowering cannabis seeds, cash on delivery

Lemon Skunk auto
THC: 17% Height: 50 Output: 25-35 g Flowering time: 8 weeks
AUTO LEMON SKUNK   Flowering: 8 weeks   Genotype: Skunk # 1 (Lemon Phen..
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Pineapple Auto
Quite an elegant avtotsvet Pinel combines the yield and good performance tgk more than 20% Fr..
Autoflowering cannabis seeds, cash on delivery

In this category of customers are offered a wide range of auto-flowering cannabis seeds of marijuana

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds of marijuana

These are seeds which are distinguished by quick growth and blossoming. Such plants usually begin to blossom during the second week of the germ. The majority of auto-flowering bushes are comparatively low (dwarf plants). These are such breeds as Lowryder (25-40 centimeters), or Auto Northern Light- (up to 80 cm). Breeds of this kind are perfect to be grown outdoors and in growboxes as far as they are not high and are almost without any scent.

Planting and growing auto-flowering seeds

Both male and female plants may appear from these seeds (the percentage of seeds is 50/50). Auto-flowering seeds may be planted during a period from early spring and till late summer. Anyway the harvest is going to be of high quality.

Breeds of these plant species shouldn't be cloned as far as in view of early blossoming branches don't have enough time to take root.

Buying auto-flowering cannabis seeds

Our shop performs delivery of marijuana seeds to any part of the world.

If you choose goods at our website you may be sure that you will receive high quality cannabis seeds at low prices.

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