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Seed Jah- cannabis shop, marijuana, hemp.



And the homeland smoke is sweet and pleasant to us.

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Exactly here you will be able to find, choose and get cannabis seeds with optimum indicators the price and high quality.

We, as well as many doctors of the world, fight for legalization of this remarkable plant – hemp, both in our country, and abroad. There are no harmful or dangerous plants in nature - everything is reasonable in it . And there are not very reasonable people who do not always use truly the fruits of nature. And because of the low percentage of unreasonable ones government takes measures that  punish everyone. It's unfair

Preparations from the hemp before the ban were used to treat patients with many common diseases - stomach ulcers, migraines and others. In many countries, including the United States, there are tens of years organizations fighting for the legalization of cannabis through advocacy and enlightenment. We sincerely support them.

Also among our objectives preservation the gene pool of marijuana. All the plants their species are unique. 

Our next purpose - is the struggle for the preservation and maintenance in  our country and in the world  reasonable low prices for such goods as cannabis seeds . Worldwide it has long been recognized that without the existence of reasonable prices the economy can not exist and develop steadily. Prices should be reasonably low for the maximum number of goods and services.  Exactly these prices we set and maintain constantly in our shop "Seed Jah."

As true Rastafarians, we are fighting for the resolution of existential crisis for each person in every particular place, particularly today and now.
As Carl Jung said, "Consciousness is faced with the situation,with the objectives to which it has not grown yet . It does not understand that its world has changed, that it should  reconfigure itself to adjust to a  new world. "
And we hope that our cooperation will help to reconfigure your consciousness in time and easily.


Now grade Mazar fem at a crazy discount 3%!
THC: 20%
Height: 150 cm.
Output: 200 gr.
Flowering time: 80-85 днів
Availability: 30 psc.
$3.50 $3.40
You save $0.10 one the seed!
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