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Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Can hemp be healthy?

Many people associate marijuana with hard drugs, criminality etc. But very few people know that hemp can bring a lot of good to humans and sometimes it can even save their lives. Having read this article you will learn how useful hemp may be.

In Russia yet during pre-revolutionary period marijuana was not just permitted but was also considered the most popular agricultural plant.  Before the 19th century hemp was grown by almost the entire Russian population.

And so, what can be produced from hemp?

More than 30,000 kinds of products can be produced from cannabis raw material.


Linen was weaved from marijuana for bed sheets and clothes which was called fimble.

Up-to-date clothes of all types can be produced from hemp fibers as far as it is tenfold stronger than cotton and by a factor of hundreds more useful for human skin.

Hemp cloth can be used for sewing a great number of dresses starting from summer clothes and jeans and to coats, bags and costumes and suits.

 Hemp was also used for making fishing tackles, horse harness, nautical ropes, ropes and sails. Hemp ropes produced in Russia often imported to other countries and were famous almost all over the world.

Cellulose (a substance produced from hemp fibers)

It is used for production of thin and valuable kinds of paper and it may be very opportunely and to the point as far as hemp paper requires less expenses than the one made of wood. For example one hectare of marijuana can produce fourfold more paper than one hectare of trees. Also this production requires less toxic and caustic agents and that is once again useful for human health.

Even now there is a rumor that modern dollars are made of hemp paper.

Hemp oil

 Since long ago it has been used not just for agricultural purposes but also was added to food.

 This oil may be used for production of paints, varnishes, soap, margarine, linoleum and medical products. Due to moisturizing characteristics of this oil it may be used in shampoos and other cosmetic products.

Stem wood (hemp hards)

It may be useful for production of various constructional and building materials such as for example pressed tiles, plastic, brick etc.

Hemp seeds

Wood alcohol (methanol), coal, benzine and metal may be produced of the seeds as well as of stems of cannabis. The advantage here is that during their burning chemicals  polluting the air ans sulfur causing acid rains are not produced.

Hemp in medicine

In many medical books of the past hemp is mentioned as an effective measure for treating even really serious diseases. These are such diseases as AIDS, asthma, migraine, sclerosis, glaucoma, dystonia as well as many other diseases. Marijuana is also a sedative, anesthetic and somnifacient agent and that is also a very important fact.

It is surprisingly strange but hemp is the source of the most important vitamins for human organism. Its seeds contain a lot of protein like soybeans, they are easily digested and include fatty acids and amino acids which are necessary for human.

Other useful properties of hemp

It is scientifically proven that in gardens and vegetable gardens where hemp grows trees and other plants are healthy and potatoes are free from late blight (phytophthora rot).

Colorado beetles cockroaches, mole crickets don't withstand the smell of blossoming hemp.

Bees sipping from hemp don't become infected with mites;

Scientists have defined that marijuana has got a strong thermal output energetic potential of which can be compared  with black coal. Two tonnes of hemp hards are equal to one cubic meter of natural gas. That is why hemp growing is a way to energetic independence.

Hemp is it a narcotic drug?

In 1961 according to UN Convention hemp was added to the list of narcotic plants. And after that marijuana growing went into decline.

Why was hemp prohibited? The matter is that this multifunctional plant hampered woodworking industry as well as prorogation of synthetic fibers which were profitable because they were patented.

As for narcotic properties of hemp it should be mentioned that there are two types of hemp:

Indian hemp - Cannabis indica

Common hemp (useful hemp) - Cannabis sativa

It should be taken into account that Indian hemp contains a great amount of cannabinoids which can be used as raw materials for narcotic drugs.

In Russia only common hemp has been always used for agricultural production.

Recently scientists of The Institute of Bast Fiber Crops fancied hemp species which doesn't contain narcotic substances. It gives an opportunity for hemp growing in our country.

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