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Cannabis Seeds and the Law of Ukraine


What you need to know about the legality of cannabis seeds
Legal professionals and connoisseurs of plants containing cannabinol know that hemp grains are not forbidden from the point of view of the law of Ukraine, agent, so any trade with this product is completely legal. However, this fact is not obvious to the average citizen, which, however, is not so important. Much more dangerous when trying to disprove the statement by representatives of Themis. The reason for this may be the lack of knowledge of certain articles of the code, or the attempt of deliberate distortion of facts in order to achieve personal goals. The following is a list of laws, reference to which will neutralize the possible unlawful actions of public officials in relation to the person having with them, is going to buy or sell cannabis seeds.
The Criminal Code of Ukraine on hemp beans
Supplement to the article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine № 307 "Illegal manufacture, conservation, transportation, purchase, transfer or sale of products containing narcotic or psychotropic substances and their analogues." It contains the list of substances that have been attributed to drugs, according to the decision Cabinet of Ministers of 06.05.2000 №770 «On approval of the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors". The list includes: cannabinol, resins, extracts and tinctures of cannabis. Transfer hemp seeds in this list is not available.
Also, in order MSS №188 from 01.08.2000 "On Approval of the tables of small, large and extra large sizes of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, whose location is designated as illicit", presented another list of substances that can be attributed to Narcotic. Regarding the hemp plant are listed following the same consistency as in the above-mentioned law. At the same time, there is clearly indicated by the phrase - 'except for the ripened seeds of which have not been allocated pitch. " Strictly speaking, the law number 307 has been created based on the order of MSS.
The above information is a direct proof that hemp grains are in the same legal goods, as, say, the seeds of tomatoes and parsley.
Therefore, in the case of claims by the servants of Themis about the availability of cannabis seeds, do not need to be aggressive or to agree to the proposed terms of mitigating the guilt. It should simply refer to the above-mentioned legislative acts and neprolezet, a lawyer.

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